Wiktor Rorot

I’m a PhD student at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School, University of Warsaw. I’m working at the Human Interactivity and Language Lab with my supervisor, prof. Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi. My second supervisor is prof. Marcin Miłkowski from the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

I’m interested predominantly in mind & cognition from the 4E perspective, with a special focus on the predictive processing (aka active inference, aka free energy principle) framework and on the issue of emergence and evolution of life and mind. My AOIs include philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of biology, philosophy of science in general, consciousness studies, dynamical systems theory, information theory.

My doctoral project is concerned with the widespread use of the term “communication” in life sciences.

I’m also heading a project aiming at modeling (egocentric) space perception & representation, supervised by Paweł Gładziejewski, PhD (Nicolas Copernicus University) and financed by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2019-2023, under the “Diamond grant” program, total funding 180,000PLN/~46,000$).

In case of any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail or check out my ResearchGate and ORCID profiles, where you can find updates of my projects.